Which version of Flight Simulator can I use?

The software runs perfectly under FS9 and FSX.

What is the compatibility with Xplane?

To date, the compatibility with Xplane is experimental and partial.
However, an update is currently under development and it will become fully

What is the minimum requirements?

The software has been successfully tested on a Pethium 4 2.4Ghz.
However, the simultaneous execution of several OpenGL applications
on this type of configuration can cause a slow reactivity of the software.

Is it possible to install the software on more than one computer?

No, when you purchase your software, you receive a unique serial number for your computer.
If you want to install the software on another computer, you must apply for a new serial number.
The former will be destroyed so that you can install your software.
However, it is possible to get more than one serial number for the same software.

My software is it still functional following a change of the serial number?

No, if you perform a new installation on another computer using a new serial number,
the software running on the old serial number will not be functional.

Is it possible to reinstall my software with my old serial number?

Yes, reinstalling software can be performed without any problem.
It is possible that the reinstallation is unauthorized if one or more
devices have been modified or if it is a new computer. If necessary, you can simply apply for a new serial number.

What is the compatibility with PMDG?

Currently the software is not compatible with PMDG. However, the software will be
fully compatible in the near future.

Is it necessary to have the paid version of FSUIPC?

No, the free version is sufficient for a proper functioning of software.
However, it will be mandatory to have the paid version of FSUIPC for a local
network use via WideFS.

At startup, I always get a blank window. What to do?

This situation occurs when your OpenGL version is older than the one used by the software.
An update of your video card driver will solve the problem.

Is it possible to use the software with Project Magenta?

All software are fully compatible with Project Magenta.

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When I try to log on, I always get the error message "The email address has not been activated"

After your registration done, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.
You have to click on this link to activate your account.
It is possible that you receive the email in your junk mail.

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